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So, your business is growing, significantly. That could possibly mean more employees, leading to more calculations, statistics and extended work stress around management of salaries, wages, bonuses, taxes etc. But, don’t panic. Payroll management is no more a headache with Right Equation.

While you are focusing on your growing business and its core, revenue-generating operations, a professional team of experts at Right Equation takes the payroll hassle off your shoulders. Giving you complete control over your business’s payroll functions, our expert team produces precise employees’ payroll.

A Wide Range of Payroll Services to Streamline Your Business

With a number of day-to-day operations going on simultaneously in an organization, managing employees’ salaries and wages can be another strenuous and time-consuming task that can potentially turn into a complicated situation, if not done properly.

Right Equation doesn’t let that stressful situation even arise. With just the right team payroll accountants on hand, we make payroll accounting and management easier than ever.

Here’s a quick glance of what our accounting experts can do for you when it comes to managing business payroll functions:


  • Salary processing including overtime, bonuses, incentives etc.
  • Maintaining payroll information relating to all employees
  • Preparation and delivery of pay slip of every employee in clients’ desired format and mode
  • Liaising with the company or group HR department
  • Prepare transfer letters to the bank
  • Managing multi-currency salary payments
  • Calculation of end of service benefits
  • Employee travel expense management
  • Maintaining employees’ leave records and other entitlements
  • Wage Protection System (WPS) payments and setup assistance


  • Preparing accurate, through payroll reports
  • Preparing up-to-date, comprehensive time and attendance reports to be provided to the management
  • Assisting management reporting
  • Maintaining employee data reports to assist the HR department
  • Documenting job costing, billing and other sort of reports the management requires

We Are Simply Beneficial

We focus on what we love so that you can focus on what you love. And we love dealing with payroll functions. Ok, this may not be enough to convince you to choose us as your payroll management business partner. So, here’s quick tour to the benefits we offer over our competitors, which will certainly have your convinced.

  • Reduced cost
  • Abolished fraudulent activities
  • Focused attention on core business issues
  • Assured confidentiality of sensitive business data
  • Avoid payroll information walking out of the door
  • Expert support and assistance at fingertips
  • Compliance management
  • Quick, seamless processing

Say Goodbye to Accounting Hassles. Embrace Right Equation Payroll Management Solutions.